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Monster In His eyes



Honestly, this book surprised me. Not that it should have because everyone was very upfront about it being somewhat "dark".  The lead character, Naz truly is a Monster. But the whole book is beautiful and damaged and completely compelling. I usually go for a "lighter" tone.. but this book had me from the start.


Karissa is a struggling college student, trying her best to pass philosophy in order to keep her scholarship. She's a ramen noodle type of girl with a roommate that's a polar opposite of her. Then she meets Naz, he brings her home after she has been drugged at a club. It's the beginning of a romance that steals everyone's breath away..


In his own dark, disturbing way I believe he truly does love Karissa. He has issues that I don't think any amount of therapy will ever solve, and she seems to fall at his feet as if it's nothing. But regardless, it was such a great book. It's captivating and I couldn't put it down.


The only thing I disliked about the book is the cliffhanger.. which blew me out the water. NO idea that was coming. Now I have to wait for the second to come out! Which is frustrating but I will patiently wait!



5 Stars!!