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Infinity + One

Infinity + One - Amy Harmon I want a love like Bonnie & Clyde...
"I don’t want to be without you, Bonnie! Don’t you get that? I am in love with you! I’ve known you for one week. And I’m in love with you! Crazy, drive-off-a-cliff-if-you-asked-me-to, in love with you. But I don’t want to drive off a cliff! I want to live. I want to live with you! Do you want that? Or do you still think about jumping off bridges and going down in a hail of bullets?"

This book was breathtaking. Amy Harmon you have seriously done the most amazing job at giving us a modern day Bonnie & Clyde. I hung on to. every. single. word. I read and read and read until I was at the very last word and then I hated that it was over.

I won't spoil this book for anyone but it is absoloutely amazing!

Buuuut I may have a thing for math now. ... just saying