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Collide - Gail McHugh 5 completely swoonworthy stars!

I have read sooo many good books just in 2014 alone I feel like my top 10 list is actually turning into a top 20 list because I just can't pick! Collide and [b:Pulse|8608089|Pulse|Julian Barnes|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1329249410s/8608089.jpg|13478360] are definetley in those top 10!

I read sooo many great reviews I couldn't wait to start and when I did I literally couldn't put it down! I was so worried about getting caught at work (woops hehe)

From the start of this book I hated Dillon Parker. Seriously, something was just wrong with him from the start. Probably his good for nothing, pretty boy, I think I'm entitled to everything attitude. Not and never was a Dillon fan.
I felt like punching him 100% of the time.

There were some things I disliked though which I'll hide in this spoiler:
1. The fact that she put up with his psycho controlling shit.. I just can't and never will be able to grasp a female putting up with that.
2. She took him back after she saw him kissing another female.. REALLY? You knew shady shit was going on yet you decided to be naive and believe him? OOOOOK. Once again, never understand.

Other than those few things I absolutley loved this book and looooved Gavin Blake. Jesus that has got to be the most perfect man ever written about. He is for sure, without a doubt my number one book boyfriend. HANNNDS down.

He is such a sweetheart, always putting her first.. Just being so thoughtful and romantic the entire freakin book. Then he would turn into this sexy controlling man.. ugh I can't deal.

The top 5 reason you should read this, like now:
1. It is hilarious. I mean really, I died laughing at Olivia and Gavin constantly.
2. BEST sex scenes ever.
3. It's not just smutty, it's got so much passion and LOVE.
4. Frustrating yet rewarding.. HAH!
5. Gavin Blake

That is all.. Happy reading ladies! :)