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Crazy Good

Crazy Good - Rachel  Robinson This is in my top 10 favorite books of all time. Seriously, I am so absolutely in love with Maverick Hart. It was full of romance and passion, one second I was laughing my ass off and the next I was swooning. Then I was crying.. then Sobbing. Then laughing again. It was full of emotion and honestly, I had never heard of Rachel Robinson before so I bought this on a whim and I can not tell you how happy I am that I did.

Perfect amount of romance and sexy scenes. AND the heroine isn't a whiny, annoying bitch.. that's always a plus!

I seriously cried my heart out several times, I was so surprised that I liked it THAT much.

She couldn't have ended it any better and I loved the epilogue. OMG. YES.
Just YESSSSSSSSSSSS to the entire book.